MySocially is a group purchasing platform that allows multiple consumers to make a purchase together. At MySocially each customer makes a purchase based on the delivery date by when the customer wants the product to be delivered.

What is the benefit of MySocially?

Consumers get a volume discount if more customers purchase a product together. The more units are of a product are purchased, the better discount a customer receives.

How can I place an order?

  1. Find the product that you want to purchase
  2. Add the product to your cart
  3. Checkout the product
  4. Make payment
  5. Place your order

How do I choose what purchase window should I make the purchase?

MySocially groups purchase windows by 'Delivery By" dates. A customer can pick a window to place an order based on the delivery by date. Choose the purchase window by selecting the 'Delivery By" date within which you want to get the product delivered.

What is an ordering window?

Each purchase window has an ordering cut off date by when the customers need to place their orders. The ordering window starts with the purchase window and ends at the ordering cut off date.

Why does the pricing keep changing within a purchase window?

Product price keep going down as more consumers place orders based on the discounts being offered by the sellers by units purchased. For e.g. for a product priced at Rs. 5,000 if 5 units are being purchased, the price drops down to Rs. 4,700. If 10 units are being purchased, the price goes down to Rs. 4,200.

What price does a customer pay for the product?

The price a customer pays, depends on the number of units that have been purchased until that time. For e.g if 4 units have been purchased until now, the 5th customer will see the current price as Rs. 4,700. If 9 units have been purchased until now, the 10th customer will see the price as Rs. 4,200

When is the final price determined?

Final price of the product is determined once the ordering window is closed.

What is Paid Price?

Paid Price is the price that the customer paid for the product when placing the order

What is Closing Price?

Closing Price is the price of the product that is finalized at the end of the ordering window based on the number of units purchased in the purchase window

How much cashback will I receive?

Customer cashback is calculated based on the Price Paid and the Closing Price. Cashback = Paid Price - Closing Price

When will I receive my cashback?

Customers receive cashbacks once the product is delivered

How will I receive my cashback?

Cashbacks are refunded straight into the payment mode used when placing the order

What if I placed an order using Pay on Delivery?

If a customer placed an order using Pay on Delivery option, the customer will only need to pay the Closing price at the time of delivery

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