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Fighting poverty with Education

Poverty happens by CHANCE not by CHOICE. Who knows where would have been born and landed if not by luck?Join us in our campaign in helping alleviate poverty by investing in educating the kids that need help and allow them to make better CHOICES in their lives for a better future!

Beneficiary Name: Make a Difference

Social Cause Supported: Education,Poverty elimination


Email: [email protected]    |    Phone: Not available

Amount Contributed: ₹100.00    |    Payment Date: 2020-04-19    |    Transaction ID: OD/2019-20/18292

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COVID-19 Relief Fund

We have created this fund to fight the after affects of COVD-19 outbreak. Let's support building the economy and supporting the low income group including people struck with poverty and daily wagers. Let's fight COVID-19 TOGETHER and BUILD for the future. 

Beneficiary Name: Prime Minister's CARE Fund

Social Cause Supported: Poverty elimination,Disaster recovery


Email: [email protected]    |    Phone: +91-11-23012312

Amount Contributed: ₹    |    Payment Date:    |    Transaction ID:

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What is
MySocially Fund?

MySocially Fund is a charity fund that has been created by MySocially towards social causes. When a customer makes a purchase at MySocially, we contribute a portion of the order amount into the MySocially fund. We transfer the fund money to chosen beneficiaries towards a social cause once a pre-defined fund amount is generated or when a particular social campaign is complete.

How it

MySocially assigns reward points to each product. When a customer makes a purchase a monetary contribution equal to the reward points is credited to the MySocially Fund.

Who is the

MySocially Fund beneficiaries are accredited non-profit government organizations that are identified and selected by MySocially via our third party partners based on social sectors chosen by us and the value that these non-profit organizations are creating in their respective field.

What Social Causes
are Supported?

We aim at bringing social reforms using the power of the consumer. We select social causes from various disciplines such as poverty, education, healthcare, domestic and sexual violence, social inequality, environmental and some select situation based social cause campaigns. Our customers can vote for particular social causes via our polling mechanism and we use popular vote in additional to our internal selection methodology to choose the beneficiary of the fund.