Har Shopper kare duniya behtar

About Us

Our Vision

We have a vision, a vision to see a future where consumers come together to enable positive change for the future.

Our vision lies with the intent of bringing people together for a cause. MySocially wants to give consumers the power to shop together and enable a future where consumers come together to create value not only for themselves but for social upliftment as well.

What's different with MySocially?

MySocially allows multiple consumers to plan and make purchases together so that they can get better discount for their purchases. Additionally, for every purchase, MySocially contributes a small portion of its proceeds towards a social cause.

The more people buy together, the better price a consumer gets while simultaneously creating a larger charity fund that can be used to solve critical social issues for societal upliftment in areas such as poverty elimination, education, healthcare, child care and others.


So join our vision – be the positive change! Buy socially at MySocially to create value for yourself and others and let’s leave a legacy behind that we made things possible by coming together for the benefit of everyone.


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